When you are very angry, energized water can calm you down
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When you are very angry, can energized water calm you down?

When you are very angry, there energized water it can calm you down when the dense frequency associated with the emotion of anger has subsided.
If you are in a state of profound alteration, such as strong anger or strong fear, you emit very intense frequencies with low vibration. If you want to deepen the topic you can analyze the consciousness scale of Dr. Hawkins, who has drawn up a scale of the vibrational frequencies associated with emotions. Strong emotions unbalance the carrier frequency of your body, giving off very dense waves that override the higher frequencies, such as those of the card, at least until the emotional source is active and is delivering dense energy.
It would be like being able to listen to the sound of a string quartet, during a heavy metal concert. The decibels that come out of the speakers would make deaf to any other sound. Have you ever tried to meditate when you are panicked or angered?

When you are in that energetic position it is not possible.
We have to wait for the Tsunami to pass, for the anomalous emotional wave to discharge
At that point you can again feed yourself effectively on subtle energies and these will help you rebuild the damage of the hurricane.

Drinking energized water when you are out of control cannot curb the fury of emotions and certainly cannot go against your free will or act differently from what you decide to do, say or feel, its action is always in line with your nature . When you are very angry and anger loses its charge, there energized water it can help you to restore lost subtle energies and thereby calm down.

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