How to make informed water: the 3 methods

Water has a memory and can learn the vibrations to which it is exposed. You can transform your tap or bottled water into informed water, to have all the benefits of the vibrational energies of the words, colors, symbols, intentions that you have imprinted in his memory.
There are 3 effective methods that explain how to make informed water in your home, you can apply them without having a specific preparation. Each method requires different charging times.

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Masaru Emoto’s experiment on water

Dr. Masaru Emoto’sexperiment have verified that the water changes when it comes into contact with certain words, takes on their meaning, keeps their memory and then turns into informed water which transmits the frequency of the message which it was informed.

masaru crystals emoto informed water
Effect of words on crystals of informed water

For more than 20 years, Dr. Emoto has studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. It did so through magnetic resonance analysis technology and high speed photography.

Make informed water with a ticket

Write on a paper ticket the word that expresses the vibration you want to charge and put the card under a bottle, glass or any container of water.
Wait at least 48 hours and you will have the informed water bottle ready to drink. While you consume the water, you can fill the bottle and put it back on
paper ticket to load.

The water informed with this method will begin to change day after day, taking more and more the shape of the vibration you sent it. High vibrations feed the emotions, thoughts and spirit and produce visible effects in everyday health.

In all 3 methods of making water informed, remember to focus your intent on the word , as you write the card. The word is just a container of what it means to you. In fact, the word Love and Love create the same kind of informed water, even if they are different words, because the intent is the same.

The advanced method with solarized water

Make on a paper ticket with the word or the concept with which you want to computerize the water and put it under the water you want to load with subtle energies.

Apply one or more of the following techniques to increase effectiveness:

  • Use spring water the first time you put water on the paper ticket with the word written on it.
  • Use a blue glass bottle and keep it 24 hours in the light, the sun and moon rays, passing through the blue glass, will enhance the effect of your loaded word. Use a blue glass bottle and keep it 24 hours in the light, sunlight and
  • Express your intentions to the water, with thoughts or words every day. (Masaru Emoto in the rice experiment, in addition to putting the ticket with the word “love”, spoke every day to the water with words and thoughts of love).
  • Wait at least 24 hours before drinking the water.
  • As you consume the computerized water, you can fill the bottle and put it back on the sheet to load.

The water informed with this method will start to change faster, taking more and more the shape of the vibration that you sent it. High vibrations feed emotions, thoughts and spirit and produce visible effects in everyday health.
Again, focus your intent as you write the card.

Make informed water with QH2On cards

Among the 3 methods for making informed water, QH2On cards have the double benefit to inform water much faster and charge it with subtle energies, creating energized water that has energies up to 7000 times more than normal water.

How to make informed water: cards QH2On method

Put your QH2On card under the bottle of water you want to inform, then prepare the ticket with the concept you want to impress on the water and place it between the card and the bottle. The card emits frequencies of subtle energy which it will transfer the vibration to the water in a short time, informing the water and raising its energiesto increase your life energy. On the product page of each card you will find a video tutorial to inform the water and one to energize the water.

Bonus: water informed with Reiki

For those who have been activated in Reiki, holistic healing practice based on the existence of a universal energy that can be channeled through the body and the imposition of hands, it is possible to create informed water by placing the card with the vibration that you want to impress under the bottle or glass, then energetically treat the water for a minimum of 7 minutes to a maximum of 25, according to your Reiki level.

The times to inform the water

Ticket48 hours
Solarized with ticket24 hours
Reiki (level 1) and ticket25 minutes
Reiki (level 2) and ticket15 minutes
Reiki (level 3) and ticket10 minutes
Reiki (master) and ticket7 minutes
Card The Source X20 and ticket10 minutes
Card The Bridge and ticket1 minute
Card The Source and ticket0,3 seconds


Now that you know all the methods to inform water, you just have to choose your favorite word, write it on a note and memorize that word in the water, to start feeding your body and your soul with the frequencies of which you need more. Not sure which word to choose?
Read here thelist of the best words to inform water, reading the list you will feel that the right word will resonate inside you.

Do you want to know if your water is informed in the right way? If it really works? Your body is an antenna capable of recognizing the frequencies of subtle energies, just ask your inner wisdom to know for sure if your water is informed or not. you don’t know how to do it? We have also thought about this, read here how communicate with your subconsciousand be able to have clear and immediate answers.

Now that your water is informed in the correct way, with one of the proposed methods and that you have learned to independently verify that the informed water is real, works and is good for you, you can move on to the next level, drinking water that is not alone informed but also energetically better. Read here the guide of the3 methods for energize water at home.

Do you have any doubts or questions about informed and energized water?Write to, we will be happy to make your acquaintance.

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