Natural therapies: which one to choose

In deciding which one to choose among natural therapies, it is essential to consider that they are techniques, disciplines and practices that do not refer to traditional medicine and consider man as an entity that goes beyond the physical body. In the same way, the cause of every situation of malaise, of every symptom, disease or state of discomfort is always to be found in the totality of the individual. Mind, body, emotions and spirit interact with each other and always contribute in every symptom. What changes, among the different diseases, is the proportion in which the different energetic parts of the human being come into play . There are symptoms that are caused much more on the biological and physical side, and much less on the spiritual side, others have a very rooted cause in the mind and emotions and much less on the physical side. In a different way, however, mind, body, emotions and spirit are always involved.

Body, mind, heart and spirit

Body, mind, emotions and spirit of the human being form a system that acts in an integrated way, each of these centers collaborates with the others for a functioning of the energies in harmony. The human being has invisible, called energy centers chakra , which coordinate both the physical body, the tangible one, and the energy bodies that extend beyond the material level and become larger with the ‘increase in the vibrational frequency of the energies . The densest body is the etheric one, beyond which we find the emotional one, then the mental, the spiritual body and finally the soul one.

Differences between various systems of care

Each healing system acts directly on a specific energy body, or in a border area between two energy bodies. The energy bodies that are distancing themselves from the physical body are at an ever higher frequency, therefore each healing system acts only in the energy level it has direct access to and in the energy levels that are below at that level (hence those with denser energies). It will not affect the higher vibrational levels , as they are located in a virbational zone greater than its range of action.

natural therapies and the energy bodies on which they act
The natural therapies and the copies on which they act

Herbal remedies

Herbal extracts, essential and phytotherapeutic oils act directly on the biological and physical system, so their impact is very suitable for the reduction of the symptom, which can also have a bacterial or viral cause. They are often a way to limit the use of conventional drugs, especially if used preventively or to reduce chronic situations. By acting on the physical system but containing energetic vibrations, they can be useful for working on the causes that are found on the physical biological level or on the level of etheric (or vital) energies. They have no effect on the causes of the symptom found on the emotional, mental, spiritual or soul levels, but bring visible benefits faster to the areas where it acts directly (physical and etheric).


Acupuncture acts directly on the energy meridians, which are the currents through which life energy flows and are located on the etheric energy level. They are therefore a direct way to act on vital energy and act on energy blocks or deficiencies. They do not act on the causes of the symptom and therefore one of the greatest limitations of this method is that although after the treatment the energies are in perfect balance, the causes intervene sooner or later and bring the body back into the same state of disharmony. Recommended method for treating symptoms that present acute forms, both in the muscles and in the internal organs . They have no effect on the causes of the symptom that are found in the emotional, mental, spiritual or soul levels, but bring visible benefits more quickly to the areas in which it acts directly (physical and etheric).


EFT, that is Emotional Freedom Tecnique , It is one of better methods for treating symptoms that arise on an emotional and behavioral level , acts directly on the symptom and on the cause (if this is found on an emotional level). Unlike other therapeutic systems, it does not aim at the cancellation of the symptom, but is connected to its cause, even if it is unknown, as long as it is a cause linked to the energetic sphere of emotions. Excellent solution even on acute symptomatic forms, it does not interact with traditional treatment methods and therefore is configured as a reliable choice of integrated medicine. Optimal effects on how relevant it is to emotional causes and symptoms or related to logical and unconscious thinking , it has no effect on the higher vibrational levels of the mental, spiritual and soul energetic sphere.

Bach flowers

Bach flowers are created by extracting the essence of the flower, but it is less known that the percentage of molecules present in the preparations is in such a quantity that it has no biological effect. This system it is in fact based on the vibration of the flower, which by entering into tune with a certain emotional / behavioral aspect, allows the body to recover its harmony . Also in this case it is a therapeutic system that acts on the symptom and not on the cause, which therefore has excellent results on the symptomatology at an emotional / behavioral level, but which does not present a complete recovery path for the individual. It has no effect on the vibrational levels of mind, spirit and soul but it can be effective for solving physical synotmathologies that are caused by emotional problems .

Water Informed

Water is able to record the virbations it is exposed to, modifying its structure to reproduce the frequency that is recorded in its memory. The vibration of the water can therefore change, becoming identical to that which is imprinted in its structure. It is called Water Informed. Its benefits are the same as the frequency being introduced into its memory . Therefore there is no difference between a Bach flower and water infused with the same Bach flower, or between the benefits of observing a color or water informed with that color. Informed water does not change its chemical composition, therefore it can be used in combination with any other therapeutic path . Informed water can also be energized, in the latter case it acts both on an emotional level and on a soul, spiritual and mental level. In the case of using simple infromata water, the effects are limited to the emotional and etheric body.


Meditation does not act directly on any symptoms, but the better it is done, the more it allows connect with higher levels of consciousness and therefore with higher virbational frequencies. The practice of meditation, if performed constantly, allows you to nourish your energy system in a positive way and to work on those causes of the symptoms that are found on a physical, etheric, emotional and mental level. Meditation experts can sometimes also work on spiritual causes.


Reiki allows you to channel high frequency energies and depending on the level of the practitioner, the effects will be more visible on the physical / ethereal, emotional / mental or spiritual levels. It is one of the most complete therapy systems of the human being, in that the subject of the healing principle is not the symptom or the cause, but the whole system of the individual . The effects on the symptom are usually longer than with other therapeutic methods , as the therapy focuses on the whole and on the energetic harmony of all the bodies and not on the reduction of the manifest effects of disharmonies.

Spiritual bottled waters

Spiritual waters are of many kinds, l their frequency is in some cases high enough to reach the spiritual body , however, they are unable to act on the soul body and therefore reach the root of the causes and to treat the human being in a complete and global way. These types of water s ono an excellent solution from an energy point of view , however, present the problem of the method of use. The bottle of spiritual water is kept for months or years, using it little by little to keep it active. This leads to an excessive bacterial proliferation which exposes the user to health risks.

Other energy methods

Energy cards or energy devices are available on the market, capable of modifying the frequency of the water and improving its energy charge. These systems use different methods, often derived from scalar energy or emission of specific frequencies, numerical combinations etc. These products they are programmed with very sophisticated machinery, capable of actually emitting waves that energize the water . All these systems though they act at the level of the emotional and / or mental body . The limit in fact of the products created by a machine is that they cannot interact with the frequency threshold of the spirit or soul of man . This is why all QH2On cards are activated through a manual procedure with the supervision of cardiac coherence and skin conductance instruments. In order to ensure the highest product quality and process supervision.

QH2On Energy Card

Water energized with The Source x7000 is The Bridge , it acts directly on the soul body , consequently it subsequently has effects on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical body. Drinking energized water every day allows you to nourish all energy bodies and to obtain the maximum benefit from the energies of all subtle bodies. Replacing the daily dose of 2 or 3 liters of natural water with energized water is the best method to guarantee your physical body and energy bodies the maximum quantity and quality of energy.


When a symptom causes us discomfort, the immediate temptation is to eliminate that disorder, acting on the symptom to cancel it. However, every symptom is caused by problems that are never only of a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or soul type. The causes are often complex and involve multiple energy levels, so the type of therapy must be carefully selected. A therapy that acts on the emotional level will be quicker to remove the emotional symptom but will have no effect on the causes that are above that energy level. Drinking high-frequency energized water every day is a way to be able to fully nourish your body and be able to work on every energy level, day after day, without having to give up all other methods of therapy.

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