Side effects from drinking energetically charged water

There are no effects, there are no side effects in drinking energy-charged water. Energized water reaches a higher vibrational frequency helping to raise the same frequency in your body. It acts positively on your subtle energies, bringing benefits which will also benefit your physical body. Indeed, you can use it as amplifier of natural treatments and alternative medicine There are several ways to energetically charge the water in your home. Discover the guide with the simplest and most effective methods .

Side effects from drinking energetically charged water

The side effects of energetically charged water are the same as taking too much water which in extreme cases can lead to kidney intoxication and overload.

Drinking energized water is a complement, not a replacement for the principles of correct hydration:

1200 ml of liquids between 1 and 3 years;
1600 ml between 4 and 6 years;
1800 ml between 7 and 10 years;
from 11 to 17 approximately 2 liters per day are required.
2.5 liters per day in male adults, 2 liters in women.

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